How to Apply

The Mullick Foundation is accepting applications

The Mullick Foundation is accepting applications each quarter. Interested organizations doing work within the foundation’s areas of impact, should submit an initial letter of inquiry (two pages maximum) including:

• Organizational history
• Project summary (please include the project timeframe and budget)
• Additional funding received or pending for this project

Applicants must be nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt public charities under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Letters of inquiry should be emailed here. The amount requested should be appropriate in relation to the project budget. The foundation will distribute funds based on their understanding of the budget, project, need, and available funds.

The Review Process

The Board of Directors will meet at the end of each quarter to discuss the submitted
inquiries. If the Board feels that an inquiry falls within the areas of impact, additional
information will be requested. After further discussion the interested organization will be
invited to meet via zoom/google meet with members of the board. Please keep in mind
the review process can take up to three weeks before a decision is made.

January 1st -March 31st
April 1st -June 30th
July 1st -September 30th
October 1st -December 31st